I wanted to get this up last week, but ya know, you gotta let fine content like this simmer in it’s own meaty juices for a few days.

Yes, It’s been nearly two weeks since the PTC/USER event in Orlando, but I’ve continued to to receive emails from users asking about it. So, to wrap things up all nice and tidy like, I’ll give ya what I like to call, the best 5 moments at PTC/USER, starting at #5 and proceeding to #1.

Most of these moments happen outside the regular agenda, but that’s just one more reason why events like these are so great.

#5Seeing some user give their PTC experience to win a bike
I actually don’t know who won the GIANT Santa Cruz bicycle that had bits designed using PTC products, but it was a cool idea to get users to tell their story, and pretty cool to see how passionate some were when telling it.

#4Meeting all the cool kids (name drop time)
I finally had the opportunity to meet and talk with people I had only spoken with online. Ken Wong, Jim Brown, Leslie Gordon, Thomas Teger and Roopinder Tara as well as some PTC people, Rob Gremley, Robin Saitz, Mike Campbell, Greg James and Beth Ambrusch.

#3Seeing the looks of determination on the FIRST Robotics team’s faces
So these kids are part of different teams competing in the FIRST Robotics World Championships. It was amazing to see the fun they were having and also find out that kids can start getting involved with this competition and the ripe young age of six.

#2Nearly putting my eye out to provide Ken Wong with unusable video footage
Ken wanted footage. I didn’t want to face his wrath so I obliged. Unfortunately there was a very large bus roaring away in the background as I proceeded to snap a CD into a million piece, scattering shards about my face and the concrete walkway. Anything for some good, random video.

#1Jim Heppelmann (PTC COO) showing Al Dean how to catapult cheese
So, Al, Chris Williams, Sandy Joung, Jim Brown and I are chowing on some sandwiches. Jim and some PTC folks are standing behind us. Somehow, Al begins to launch a piece of ham and cheese into the unknowing crowd with a rubberband. Jim comes over, takes the rubberband, sticks a drink straw in a slice of cheese, wraps it in the rubberband and catapults the cheese into the air.

One other thing. I started a PTC/USER… Tattoo, of all things, on the plane ride down. Entertained the daylight out of a small child, i might add. It’s not finished… and I did it on a SolidWorks notepad. Here ya go. I’m thinking a large sailing ship with some more clouds, maybe a dagger with a banner that says “Windchill 4EVEH“? I dunno.

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