I hope you all are ready for a fun and enlightening experience. I know we’ve pushed this iPhone modeling in SolidWorks clear around the table, but this is the model that everyone is and will be looking at for the foreseeable future.

Nelson Au was kind enough to share his model and his process for getting the absolute smoothest surface work possible on an iPhone model within SolidWorks. Believe me, you don’t want to miss downloading this and looking through the features.

Not only did he get get near perfection on the back surface, he modeled the face and all the tiny buttons your fingers love to fiddle with. He then cranked out some renderings using PhotoView 360 Hypershot. Here’s the process, the model and what it looked like when he was done. Thanks Nelson.

How it happened
I asked Nelson to give a little insight to why he went about modeling the iPhone. It’s no simple task, but thanks to some excellent guidance from Mark Biasotti and some good ol’ experience, Nelson turned out the best looking SolidWorks iPhone model I’ve seen. Here’s what he had to say.

I did see that Josh had posted his take on the phone and Mark Biasotti had also shown how he would do the phone! That got me to try it too.

At first, I wanted to see if I could do the iPhone’s corners as one Boundary surface. I quickly found that it can be done, but I could not control it to my satisfaction and I found the surface at the sharp corner end to be slightly distorted.

My process to building the phone is very much the same as how Mark showed earlier on this blog. But I chose to break the surfaces at the same locations they are shown broken on the Apple PDF 2D drawings we downloaded from Apple’s developer page.

Download the article and step overview [iPhone-Nelson-Au.pdf (217kb)]

Download the iPhone Model [iPhone2.SLDPRT.zip (4.94MB)]

Agree? Nelson did an INCREDIBLE job modeling the iPhone in SolidWorks. He also turned out some brilliant rendering using Hypershot. Psssst! If you like these, just wait till you see the capabilities coming out in PhotoView 360 2010… (shhhh!! using Nelson’s iPhone model. Absolutely AMAZING.)


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