There’s been a lot of excitement surrounding Microsoft’s new Windows 10 machines and for good reason – the experience of seamlessly blending Windows with multiple pieces of hardware kit within the same ecosystem is long overdue. Although the “software of the future” is increasingly moving to the Cloud – where it can be accessed from any device – Microsoft (along with Apple) still influence a large majority of this Cloud experience.

In an effort to get more people to jump over to try their new lineup of hardware, the Redmond, Washington company has just announced a promotion called “Easy Trade Up”. The trade-in program, which will only last until October 20th, offers Microsoft customers who purchase a qualifying computer (over $599) from the Microsoft Store a rebate for $200 in exchange for their old Windows laptop or all-in-one. If you’re making the switch from Apple to Microsoft, the company will sweeten the trade-in offer to the tune of $300.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should go digging through your garage for that old Dell from 1996 to put towards a new Microsoft Surface; the trade-in computer has to be under six years old and in working condition with a minimum display size of 11.6 inches. As far as we can tell, this is a great offer if you’ve already been considering a Surface, a Surface Book or other new Microsoft device. While you may not fetch as much as you would by selling the computer yourself, it’s hard to argue that the seamless trade-in experience might be worth more than that extra $100 you might pick up.


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