And when I say TeamUP, I mean TeamUP with a capital UP a two giant arm motions that scare you into a flared fetal position. SolidWorks and Luxology are rockin’ the 3D rendering scene with a whole new technology that is gonna FLOOR you. Rob Rodriguez has all the bits of detail in his latest blog entry.

Basically, PhotoView360 is the divination of two products brought together in a new technology that will allow you to see SolidWorks models in an ultra-realistic setting… without rendering, without RealView.

As Rob puts it, it’s “real-time on screen image updates…very fast at saving high quality final images.” Does that sound like something you would want? huh?

When will you see it?
It will be part of the SolidWorks 2009 Pre-release 2 package. Pre-release 1 is already out after a fast-paced and well-handled Beta cycle. You may have seen some of the new features in SolidWorks 2009, but PhotoView360 is a brand spanking new feature not part of Beta. Keep an eyeball attached to the SolidSmack Feed because I’ll announce Pre-release 2 as soon as it becomes available.

UPDATE: You can see some more renderings at

More Juice on Luxology
Luxology Modo, located in San Mateo, CA, is developed by a team that use to work at Lightwave. Lightwave was difficult, because the modeling and rendering were separated. Modo changes this and does a better job at both in my opinion. What’s also cool about Modo is that you can try it for free.

You can read an interview with Brad Peebler, CEO of Luxology on the NovEdge blog and hear all the new cool things they are doing on the Luxology Blog here.

By the way, if you’re at SIGGRAPH 2008 try and sneak get into their SteamPunk Speakeasy event. Cool Idea guys.

Future Products
My favorite is what Rob hints at for possibilities in the future.

Could it be PhotoView 360 is just the first product to be produced from this partnership? Is it possible they could also be working on a free form conceptual modeling tool allowing the easy creation of conceptual models capable of transferring directly into SolidWorks?

Love it Rob. Nothing like a good dose of speculation to get the blood flowing. I could totally see that and could totally love it.

The header graphic I had the privileged of helping with on has a car modeled in SolidWorks and uses the PhotoView360 technology. Go check it out and tell Ricky how much ya like it.


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