Objet’s Connex 3D Printer creates a ship in a bottle by jetting transparent and black materials within the same print session—I can’t possibly think of a cooler way to put a ship in a bottle.

“…The World is Your Oyster.”

Paul Webber of Tri-Technology, the UK’s distributor of Objet 3D printers, was featured on the BBC’s Newsnight program recently and declared:

“This can print the impossible. You can literally print a ship in a bottle. With this type of technology the world is your oyster.”


and then…BAM!:

YouTube video

Well, there then. I guess you can print a ship in a 3D bottle!

The design features a solid (as in, solid all the way through) bottle, 3D printed in Objet’s Clear Transparent material. Suspended within the Clear Transparent material is a sailing ship design printed in 30 micron layers in Object’s Black material, allowing precise details such as masts, railings, and flag poles to be distinctive with their traditional features.

The printer places/suspends different designs based on the CAD data without building structuring–so in other words, you would be left with an entire support system within the bottle if you were to print it on another 3D printer. I wonder when the 3D printed Mezcal bottle with a suspended worm comes out?

via Objet


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