Shapeways designer Kimotion has come up with an ingenious way to market himself during the holidays: post modern snowflake tree ornament designs resembling the likes of Psy, Superheroes, Stormtroopers, and a lucky Ninja Turtle.

While you’re sitting in a food coma today around 4 o’clock, you’ll probably reach for the iPad, lock it into landscape mode, and fall back into your recliner. Don’t go dozing off too soon yet–now is the perfect time to get a head start on your Christmas shopping, unless all of this means nothing and you’re sitting in a tent in a Best Buy parking lot right now.

SolidSmack will be releasing a gift guide for the holidays next week–everything from what to get your Kid Makers to what you should ask for. In the meantime, take a look at these most excellent 3D printed ornaments available on Shapeways and consider ‘modernizing’ your christmas tree this year….before that food coma puts you to sleep:

Psy (of Gangham Style)

Optimus Prime


TMNT Leonardo




Prices range from $9-$11 apiece.

via Kimotion Arts on Shapeways


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