I believe all the texture locators have dropped off my face from pure shock. Luxology has just released awesomeness disguised in the form of the new modo Rigging Master Course for modo 501. It’s 26+ hours of having your brain contraints tweaked by the incredible Rich Hurrey, Techincal Director at Pixar, who will take you through everything that entails becoming an animation master with the new Schematic viewport and Assembly groups in modo 501. Prepare to link objects. Link.

modo Rigging Madness!

Rich takes you through a lot more than a step-by-step. He also explains how modo handles weight maps and kenematics and really how to work within the modo interface.

“Designed for all levels of users, this series provides not just the ‘how’, but the often missing ‘why’. This is more than a rigging video tutorial, it is an entire master class course that is sure to give you new insight into how modo works…”

YouTube video

– comprehensive series of 26+ hours of fully-indexed video instruction
– accompanying interactive documentation
– including glossary
– keyword search
– video chapter markers
– cross-referenced links to online modo documentation
– corresponding modo sample files

Requirements: modo 501 SP4 or later

You can purchase the Rigging Master course for $149.00 until Oct 24th. After that, it goes up to $199.

Oh and if you want to see some of Rich Hurrey rigging work, definitely give this video a watch… and this is in modo 401… amazong.


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