solidworks presentation studio add-onThe level of my customization for something that needs the standard ‘ugly’ removed is typically slapping stickers all over with a little spray paint. It just doesn’t get any more ‘ROCKIN’ than that… in my opinion.

SolidWorks Labs has got the same idea for the Presentation Studio app we reviewed last year, and guess who gave it to them? You. Yep, Presentation Studio allows you to create a one-page interactive .PDF of your model. What it lacked was the customization. That’s all changed.

Now you can completely customize your template…

add a graphic or company logo…

and change all the little text bits.

So, that’s more like it right? You can interact with the model sure, but since these templates are now customizable, they let you slap a lot more information and company branding on the data you send out. Think customer review material, interactive product brochures or maybe a way for production to view assembly instructions. It borders on cutting into the 3DVia Composer or Quadrispace product documentation capability, but more than likely Presentation Studio would serve as a good first step toward moving into one of those more functional products.

Get the goods here…
Download Presentation Studio
Download Presentation Studio Theme Editor


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