Now that’s the five kinds of awesome a goat can be thrown at. Not that I’m into throwin’ goats you understand, but the more you throw, the more links like this ya get.

Pantural Cars Shelby vs Camaro vs Jeep vs Vaz 2107 vs Helicopter… and only 110 days to render. Thanks Mikeo!
13 tools for building your own app – If there were more than 13 it just wouldn’t be worth it. None of that programming knowledge required.
Cities at Night – Of course they’re fun to look at. They’re cities… at night, for goodness sake. No you can’t have a muffin.
7 Ways to Kill an Idea – and one they left out – you have an idea but a new ice cream shop just opened and fat happened.
Musical Ball Dropping – more than drawing lines to contain an onslaught of balls. You should be awesome at this.
3D Streetart – The Wooster Collective is crazy about street art. These are the 3D bits. Thanks Benny!
Panda Disguise You need a shirt like this. I know I do. Can you imagine wearing a Panda costume and wearing this shirt at the same time?


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