sorryworks.jpgI originally titled this “How SolidWorks Viral Marketing Ideas Could be Funnier”, but from a marketing standpoint, being funny is only part of the mix. To truly be effective you need to convince me of something.

Ever wonder why companies like SolidWorks run silly videos that have an old Japanese guy saying “kickass”? It’s all part of an evil viral marketing plan. has 3 Examples of B2B Marketing Viral Videos and SolidWorks is on the list.

Make me laugh, make me buy
I actually think the SolidWorks video would have been funnier if the computer was a small child or very large burly man that smashes Torimoto at the end. Or, if Torimoto got really, really hacked off and tried to smash the computer but gets zapped, slips and falls into a pit of old drafters being whipped. Or, if that robot he makes attacks his face. Yeah, slap stick humor adds to the effect, but convince me it solves my problem. It does well at that. I can do a lot more with SolidWorks than with paper.

More Exposure
I definitely agree with Mike that SolidWorks needs to put this kind of stuff on YouTube with link ups to the SolidWorks site to increase exposure. Example below – I can embed the last video he posted, which is the funniest of all three. The guy gets so frustrated…then wham! Take a look below. Even more exposure could be gained by using sites like Flickr to post Origami and SolidWorks robot created by users. Just throwing it out there.


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