joelorr.jpgJoel Orr from Cyon Research and has some insight to the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) discussion. If you read his interview over at Novedge, you can clearly see he looks and sounds much wiser than me. The interview is great, because it make me think how, yeah, CAD has been around for ages, but this is really just the beginning of how it’s going to be innovated.

I like what he says in one of his post on PLM.

As far as I can tell, those resisting the term (PLM) seem to be saying, “It’s too much to go from today’s partly-automated, unintegrated manufacturing enterprises to something as comprehensive as PLM. Nobody has really done it. So why not take the smaller steps that are really required, without glorifying the whole process?”

Those promoting the term say, “Why waste time and energy on partial solutions?”

He ends by asking what can we learn from the debate. My response… that engineering keeps going, manufacturing keeps going, regardless of the PR blitz or latest tech buzz.


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