I’ve always like the Harman brand home audio ever since my dad picked up some Harman/Kardon equipment years ago. When ever I search for something I start with that brand and compare. That’s why it was interesting when I heard that the Harman Specialty Group had switched from AutoCAD 2D to SolidWorks. HSG creates Mark Levinson stereo electronics, Revel speakers, and Lexicon home theater electronics. This is the high-end audio equipment many audiophiles druel over.

From a product review for Revel Speakers

Revel has access to a vast array of engineering and evaluation tools. For example, using laser interferometry, which utilizes the interference of light waves for precise determinations of distance or wavelength, Revel’s R & D department performs a very detailed driver and cabinet analysis.

HSG is located in Bedford, MA and was formed in 2002/03 as a move by Harman to consolidate manufacturing and management with production and distribution.

As with most high-end audio equipment you won’t find their products at BestBuy. You’ll have to locate a finer home audio stores and will be lucky to get out without spending over $10,000 although some of the speakers are around $1,200/pair. The thing about this kind of audio equipment… you only buy it once.







Via: SolidWorks


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