If you’re likely to draw roots of polynomials up and down your forearms, you may have an over-eccentric appreciation for the math. You may also have a dusk-to-dawn fixation on software that can help save you long nights of scrubbing your arms while watching re-runs of Bill Nye solve for X. PTC is taking a new direction with their popular Mathcad software, offering a pro version and a new free version. The bonus? Take a look.

Mathcad Express

The free version is called Matchcad Express. You can download it direct by clicking THIS (Matchcad 18MB). You’ll find that it’s actually the full blown, function-punching version of Matchcad. You get to use it free for 30-days. After that, it turns into the Express version, limited to equation editing, basic functions/operators, units and x-y plots. Here’s the comparison.

Software pricing. Take your Pick.

It use to be you had several high-priced version of 3D/engineering software. You’ll often see a free trial or an edu version offered up, but the gooey economic internals of these companies are beginning to bubble with experiments in other revenue models. Fabric Engine has commercial-free pricing for its platform, Autodesk is using subscription pricing for the PLM360 product, Dassualt is still giving away Draftsight and most are launching sub-$10 mobile apps. PTC’s approach, which strips the Pro features and offers up the software for free, isn’t new, but it’s one more way companies are looking to increase their footprint.

Are you jumping in? I haven’t used Mathcad in YEARS and am glad to see all that’s changed. I admit, I downloaded and installed it (after losing an equation for the perfect pumpkin pie on the dry erase board.) How are you using Mathcad?


Via: PTC Community


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