It’s all about the information… kind of. It’s more about not succumbing to twisting apart LCD screens and keyboards because you can’t find the information. Inforbix is here to address just that – finding data… anywhere.

As I’ve said previously, the difficult part is often the finding. Now, for the first time, you’ll be able to see how the Inforbix search works, how it finds data and how it allows you to view that data – right along with whatever else you’re using to find data.

Disclosure: I’m currently serving as an advisor for Inforbix.

Using Inforbix

So, I’ve used Inforbix. I’ve done searches with it. I found data and sorted it this way and that. Ultimately, the goal was to find the information and use it. I thought, ‘This does the same thing as the search I use in a PDM program.’ I was wrong. Everyday I use PDM to carry out my search for relevant information. I insert a document into PDM, and from then on, it can be found via a search. Inforbix search, however, takes the opposite approach. You don’t put anything into it. It pushes everything to you. It crawls everything (you want it to) and makes it accessible.

I found this out when running similar searches against each other using the PDM program and the web-based Inforbix search. It ended up, first in embarrassment, that documents were not entered correctly into PDM and therefore not found via a PDM search. Then in joy, because the Inforbix search found the information I had been looking for to complete a project. It searches the complete information within the information, not just what I enter into a PDM attribute. And this was only in the early days of the Inforbix search. Now, they’ve sped up the search algorithms and added filters to help me find that information faster. That I can use it without pushing aside a PDM implementation or documentation and release procedure, makes it even better.

Inforbix has just released a set of videos. They show different aspects of the web application. I’ve included them all below. If the sight of 4 product videos overwhelms you to tears, watch at least the first and last one to get the idea of how it all meshes together. Seem useful to you? I’m wondering, because talking info, kinda boring, but boy does it suck unindexed database tables when the info can’t be found.

Update: More details on the delivery method and availability. Pricing still to come.
How will it be delivered?
The Product Data Crawlers will be delivered as a downloadable file you run and install. The crawler communicates to the cloud server.

When is it available?
Beta is available now. Release will come later this year.

Inforbix: Retrieving Product Data

YouTube video

Inforbix: Navigating product data

YouTube video

Inforbix: Slicing and Dicing Product Data

YouTube video

Inforbix: How it Works

YouTube video


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