Seldom do we see the spark that ignites the brain butter of an idea. But, every so often we do. Take for instance, Mr. Alexander Graham Bell – the man who brought communication into the modern age with experiments in speech and voice. Yes, the telephone is his pride and joy and the sketch which started it all turned 135 years old just yesterday.

The decription at the bottom reads:

As far as I can remember these are the first draw[ings] made of my telephone – or “instrument for the transmission of verbal utterance by telegraph.” A. Graham Bell

Yes, Mr. Bell. If only we had gone with that phrase instead of just plain old “phone.” You can see more of Bell’s fabulous drawings at the Library of Congress. It’s interesting to think of how he would conceptualize his ideas now, especially in context of how much of what he experimented with involved direct human interaction.

Atlantic via Gizmodo; AGB image via Wikipedia


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