There’s a time coming when we’ll all transform into machines who need no sleep and could care less if cupcakes had too much icing. One company who already realizes this vision of the future, and preparing us all for it, is DriveWorks. They’ve brought automation to SolidWorks with DriveWorksXpress, DriveWorks Solo and DriveWorks Pro. DriveWorks 8 bridges the web and automation gap even more by bringing more customization and enhancements you can slap all over those wonderful products you design.

More Forms, More Fun

If you develop any sort of websites or have even messed with forms in VB, you know how frustrating their limited customization can be. DriveWorks steps it up a notch by allowing transparent image backgrounds, hyperlinks and custom form backgrounds. That, with a slew of enhancement to functions and rules, makes DriveWorks easier to work in and brings just the sort of options needed for the picky web developer who wants to match the form background to the candy-apple red in the company logo.

Now, if we can just do two things – 1) Get more companies putting their products online using design automation and 2) get DriveWorks developing a a few mobile app options. Can I get robot voice “Boo-yaH!” right there? Here are just a couple options you can try out RIGHT NOW and ONLINE at

Download DriveWorks Pro here.

Shout out to J Sweeney and 3D Vision


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