Fab.com is a service that launched a few weeks ago and sets up deals—ala Groupon but with better terms for the vendors—for retail designer goods. This ranges from Andy Warhol silk screens to modern furniture. At present, it is invite only, but that is very easily taken care of. I’m more than happy to provide an invite code to the awesome SolidSmack readers. (just click here) Unbeknownst to me, Scott Bennett, the founder of Housefish, a sustainable furniture company for whom I regularly freelance, set up a deal that launched yesterday. This means three things:

  • Through tomorrow you will be able to get Housefish furniture for cheaper than I normally can.
  • We will be able to get the inside scoop from a small business on how dealing Fab.com worked out.
  • I may be really busy sanding some VOC free furniture very soon.

For those of you who are already signed up with Fab.com and just want to get some sweet shelves for your office, the link to the Housefish sale is here. Now hurry; the sale ends Sunday, 6/19/2011, morning at some random hour.

Disclosure: Although already mentioned in the post, the author does work for Housefish. The author has no affiliation with Fab.com, which from what he can tell is actually operated by gnomes.