This seals it. There’s just no end to the ability you’re being given to create stunning 3D renderings that suck the eyes clean out your sockets. But you know what? Getting the lighting just right can still be a tedious task.

HDR Light Studio changed that with previous version of their HDR creation program. Today they’re changing it yet again with the launch of HDR Light Studio 2.0. On top of all the option you now have, it makes setting up studio lighting or that beautiful ambiance even more enjoyable than ever before.

What is an HDR? What is HDR Light Studio?

HDR (or HDRI) stands for high dynamic range imaging. It’s a process of bringing out the greatest dark and greatest light areas of an image. HDR’s are used in rendering programs to provide a larger range of dynamic lighting to provide more realistic scenes. HDR Light Studio is a program to create custom lat-long (spherical) HDRI (high dynamic range imaging) maps for your render scene. While HDR Light Studio allows you to create custom Studio HDR’s, 2.0 brings in the option of enhancing existing photo-realistic HDR’s.

What’s New in HDR Light Studio 2.0
The new LiveLight (preview) window gives you a live preview of lighting changes as you make them. The preview helps you focus on the lighting by uses a single lighting material applied to the model. OBJ and Mental Images file formats are currently support for import. The new features completely eliminate the guesswork and give you more control over each light. The video below will give the full overview of all the new features you’ll find in HDR Light Studio 2.0.

The new HDR Light Studio 2 interface. (Click to Enlarge)
The new HDR Light Studio 2 interface. (Click to Enlarge)

Enhance existing HDRI
This is simply brilliant. If you’ve ever wanted to adjust the lighting in an existing HDR, now you can. The process is fairly simple, especially when working in conjunction with a render engine like Keyshot. In the video below, you’ll see how to set up different lights on top of an existing HDR and dynamically update it in Keyshot. Pure gold.

You can pick up HDR Light Studio 2.0 online or at a discount through Novedge. The standard version with 5,000 x 2,500 resolution limit costs $450, while the pro version with unlimited resolution and larger light packs will run you $755.


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