What’s everyone saying about Creo? From other CAD vendors to Pro/E power users, there’s a wide range of sentiment. Here’s a round up of what the buzz has everyone talking, screaming, taunting and joking about.

The Best

Many of the best comments came from the other CAD vendors. Kubotek even went as far as to create a spoof video to mock the “Project Lightning” name PTC used up till the Creo announcement.

KubotekUSA via Twitter
Kubotek Announces: Project Static Electricity!!! http://ow.ly/31umO

Blake Courter (SpaceClaim) via Twitter
If PTC breaks up the big apps into little apps, will they get to inflate their seat count?

Karsten Newbury (Siemens PLM) via Twitter
Nice writeup Josh! Maybe we should rebrand to SynCREOus Technology. Just kidding. 😉 …

Blake Courter via Twitter
@phamil1 Thanks! So there’s a Pro/E CoCreate gPlug? (Would you believe my name’s on the gPlug patent?)

to which Paul Hamilton (from PTC) replied…

Paul Hamilton via Twitter
@bcourter So that means there is @bcourter stuff in CoCreate? Don’t know how I feel about that. 🙂

Stephen Holmes via Develop3D
A super suite of ‘Apps’ launching next summer is what PTC is hoping will answer the “four big problems” facing CAD users today, and it was undeniably rather impressive (apart from the amateur dramatics production of Chicago to begin with and some cagey ‘stage banter’ you’d usually find on QVC).

Blake Courter via Twitter
@burhop We’re about to rebrand SpaceClaim “KeySyncTechCreate Fusion Direct” whattdya think?

Jonathan Scott via Razorleaf
For one, PTC now joins Siemens and Autodesk in offering some sort of unified parametric/direct modeling toolset. Dassault is not offering anything like this with either CATIA or SolidWorks, although Dassault does have direct modeling tools.

Deelip Menezes via Deelip.com
Now what I really want to know is whether the common file format of Creo is open or a proprietary file format. If it is open or PTC gives other CAD vendors the SDK to read and write it then they are really doing their part to solve the CAD software industry’s interoperability problem.

Matt Lombard via DezignStuff
Creo is really just a way to get rid of the acronym PLM. It is about consolidating the various interfaces of all of these component tools (apps).

I think Matt nails it with that statement. If anything, getting rid of the PLM acronym (along with the convoluted ideas of how it’s suppose to happen), is absolutely something that could change the next 20 years of product development.

The Rest

Ray Kurland via Ray Kurland blog
First I was surprised. I had expected a much more mundane announcement. What PTC did was fundamentally change the direction of their approach to CAD.

Monica Schnitger via Schnitger Corp. blog
The bottom line, in my opinion: Creo mixes together Pro/E, ProductView and CoCreate to deliver product design apps to a world that’s looking for a reason to be excited by CAD again. Is it completely, 100% new? No. Is it new enough? Yes. Did it live up to its hype? No. (But it couldn’t have — I’m one of the harder-to-convince skeptics.)

Oleg Shilovistsky via BeyondPLM
I’d like to mention the following 3 topics that come to my mind in the context of PTC Creo: Applification, Common Data Model, Interoperability.

Leslie Gordon via Machine Design
Each app is intended to supply the appropriate, role-specific tool, to a person in the product development team. President and CEO Jim Heppelmann says creo is likely to end up on an iPad.

Randall Hand via VizWorld
I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of the name. The previous name was more than just a product name, it was a job description (Professional Engineers use “Pro/E”, etc). The new name reminds me too much of the Pleo or the Treo.

Ralph Grabowski via UpFront.eZine
Despite the fuss PTC made in emphasizing that Creo is “your key to escaping CAD prison,” Creo represents a new prison. PTC may think of Creo as CAD Utopia, but utopias also imprison their inhabitants.

What I find interesting about AnyMode Assembly is PTC’s departure from today’s typical large-CAD business rhetoric, insisting that all CAD users are best served using in-depth 3D design mode tools.

Kenneth Wong via Desktop Engineering
So there’s a lot riding on Creo. But there’s also a lot to gain, since Creo could put PTC on the radar of many small and mid-size businesses that view Pro/E as an overly complex solution to relatively straightforward design problems.

TEKnowlogySltns via Twitter
? to #NX using followers. Thoughts re: #PTC calling #Creo direct modeling new when NX already had the ability? Would love to see in #CATIA!

JonBanquer via Twitter
I would be nice if PTC Creo scared the crap out of the competition and the competition finally got serious about… developing a much better user interface (KeyCreator), much better basic functionality (SpaceClaim) and better much better marketing.

via Twitter
Now watching PTC Creo introduction as I was too busy to see it live. I can see many SolidWorks users switching to Creo.

Core 77 via Twitter
Yesterday PTC launched new Creo CAD software; MCAD Cafe says it “revolutionizes” CAD market

Sean Dotson via Twitter
@DeelipMenezes You do know your site is still down? Your are responsible for 25% of PTC’s info on Creo on their web page. Come on man 😉

Christopher Stewart via Twitter
Have PTC done something new? Or is it just another expensive rename project?

Kaminakis Nikos via Twitter
Now I can tell there is a … connection between Windchill and “Chill/Creo/Κρύο”. PTC uses Greek words for naming its products.

Nelu Lazar via Twitter
really? Creo? I miss Pro/E already.

Ralph Grabowski via Twitter
PTC ceo strongly hints at iPad version of Creo. But no cloud version, “a solution without a problem.”


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