What’s simple, carries no obligation and only cost $49? No, not a massive black tarp to wrap yourself and fear of curdled mayonnaise in. It’s the new CAD service portal from model grabbin’, resource addin’ GrabCAD.

You may know of their web based library one can use to share, discuss and download 3D models. Now, they’re expanding the site to include a cheap, no frills CAD service you can use to have your designs modeled and drawings detailed.

It’s simple. You upload your data, tell them what is needed and submit. There’s no charge till the job is done. It’s outsourcing without the hassle. No need to sort through qualifications and bids like on a service like eLance or oDesk. One task, one price. Useful?

Disclosure: I’m on the advisory board for GrabCAD and also think they’re quite interesting people.


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