Shapeways and Google’s new Made with Code initiative thinks that the best way to make young girls ditch girlie stuff for learning codes is by inspiring them to create 3D bracelets, style a #selfie, learn how to animate GIF, design 2D Avatars and other cool stuff by coding them from scratch. The whole mission sounds noble enough but we suppose their target audience of 13 to 18 year-old-girls would have much preferred the secret to 3D Printing makeup instead.

YouTube video

Needless to say, the 3D printed bracelet project is the one that tickles our fancy. This coding project based on Blockly, Google’s visual programming editor where girls can customize their options for printing. And this is the spot where Shapeways steps in; the company will 3D print the ordered bracelet in their New York City factory using EOS printers and ship it for free. Boys serenading as girls will probably have their request denied, so it’s best if they ask their sisters or girlfriends to code the project.

YouTube video

The video above explains the printing process quite well, but here are some details: head to Made with Code and choose “Code a Bracelet” from the Projects selection. Using the Blockly programming language, you can customize the width, diameter, and color of the bracelet. More importantly, the message is customizable too. Once the design and coding is complete, hit the ‘Print Free With Shapeways’ option and fill in a valid US address. We all like free stuff, don’t we.


The digital file makes its way to Shapeways for printing but the only catch is that Google is offering a limited amount of free bracelets. Latecomers will have to download the digital file from Made with Code and upload it to Shapeways and pick up the printing tab. For the designer in you – know that the German printer manufacturer EOS is providing extra P760 SLS 3D printers that can help meet the demand for bracelet printing. All we can say is happy coding and creating sweet girl.