If you know any girl between the ages of 13 and 21 years, then you know that their world revolves around makeup and videos that show them how to apply the newest shade of purplish peach eye shadow! If that’s even a color! One woman who knows them well is Grace Choi, a true visionary and the woman behind the world’s first 3D Makeup Printer – The Mink.


Designed as the size of a home printer, The Mink has the potential to disrupt the multibillion-dollar makeup industry and rock their steady boat! Fearless and unabashed, Choi went on to present her project at the recent TechCrunch Disrupt event. She is smart enough to have her bases covered i.e. patents, IP and rights and has not revealed much details about how the technology works.


Her demonstration however showcased how we can create makeup based on the colors available on the Internet. Mink allows users to pick any conceivable color and then print out makeup in that exact same hue. Imagine printing the exact shade of lipstick that you saw your favorite diva wear the night before at the Oscars! This also means queuing at department stores and interacting with bored staff may no longer be an option in the future.

Choi says that the final version will probably be the size of a Mac Mini and will retail close to $300. To keep things within the legal realm, the printer uses a cosmetic-grade dye, which is FDA-compliant. Moreover it doesn’t print on paper; it uses a powder substrate, which is like the raw material of regular makeup and prints the color onto that. To work it, simply find a color online and find out its hexadecimal number and then print it! Presently, the demo works as a blush.

On a side-note, the intention of the Choi’s project is to encourage young girls to explore and experiment with colors, shades and looks. Her vision stems from her personal story, where she found it difficult to get her kind of colors in stores. In fact she even felt alienated when some of them didn’t cater to Asian women. This played on her self-esteem and she wants to change the situation for the present and future generations. A very heartening cause indeed!