As they say, there are two sides to the same coin; one side allows us to unleash our creative instincts and tap into the limitless possibilities of 3D printing and on the other side we have the wicked minds who can use it to abuse their power of imagination. The possibility of increasing theft via 3D Printing is quite surreal and one that we have to admit.

Smartphone photos of keys provide good enough resolution to generate a quality lead that can be printed. Take a look at this video that showcases just exactly how it is done. Interestingly, you don’t even need a 3D Printer, the alleged photograph can be taken to your nearest drugstore and using the KeyMe kiosks, a new duplicated key is in your hands within the hour.

YouTube video

The Sneakey Project shows us how easy it is to snap pictures from as far as 200-feet and yet duplicate a functional key. But the real question is how desperate are you to break in and what scintillating rewards lie beyond the locked door? So, if you are the traditionalist, which we reckon you are, then fashion the key the old way – Load a photo to a CAD program (upload bitmaps and then trace against them) and model the sample side. Work on it till you have a qualified design and then get it going on the printer. Alternately mill the key from a blank.

Don’t freak out if you find your neighbor lounging on your sofa while going through your stash of books. He probably discovered that KeyMe app is currently partnered with Shapeways and designed his set of custom 3D printed keys to your house. How cool is that!