If you think your Tuesday was bad, how would like to get 36% of your revenue taken for taxes. That’s exactly what happen to Dassualt Systemes (SolidWorks, Catia) today as they reported their Q3 earnings. Their net income fell 24% over the last 3 months due to the higher tax rates and the weak US dollar on top of that. That means US based companies like AutoDesk (Inventor, AutoCAD) and PTC (Pro/E, MathCAD) will most likely report higher earnings this quarter.

Their sales didn’t see an impact with software revenue still going up 14% in their 3D segment and overall sales going up 8.3% with a forecast of 15% for the year.

Taxes stink and US companies are more attractive right now, but it’s interesting to see how the market reacts even with sales still increasing.



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