solidworks-on-the-iphone.jpgThe title of the post is actually a post I’ve been working on, thinking about and contemplating since the iPhone came out… then, BLAM! all of a sudden SolidWorks Labs goes and announces Drawings Now available on the iPhone.

Thanks guys. you’ve ruined hours of coming up with the future of CAD and thinking of how I’ll use my iPhone in the future. (heavy sigh) Now all I need is a cart to haul around my laser printer that I hook up to the iPhone that sits discreetly in my pocket.

Actually, this is super cool. You may think it’s ridiculous to have your drawings on your phone, but what if that drawing has information that can be used with other apps on your phone. We don’t usually think of phones being peripherals for accessing engineering information, but when your on the shop floor and need design criteria, model data, material specs, resource lists or departmental contacts, something like this can be more than a few views of a design on a drawing.

What other apps would be useful?


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