I know you’ve been tearing your eyelids in restless horror just wondering to your wits end about the oddly, inconsistent capitalization and branding of the Dassault product line.

NO MORE, I SAY! Last week, at the Dassault Customer Conference, I forgot to ask about it, had a nightmare, wrecked in a downhill boxcar derby and haven’t been able to sleep since. So, I followed up with an email to Derek Lane, PR extraordinaire, to give us the low down on the acronomicon of the 5-headed Hydra that is Dassault PLM.

CATIA rhymes with…?

SchmiA? CornucopiA? I dunno, but it’s sure to have your family discussion abuzz with jabs of wit and painful laughter, if you know what I’m sayin’… or not… So, here we go with the explanation. Prepare your minds.

CATIA originated as an acronym, hence the capitalization:  Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application.

And from there, the capitalization and acronyms ending in VIA become entrenched…

  • CATIA:  Computer-Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application
  • DELMIA:  Digital Enterprise Lean Manufacturing Interactive Application
  • ENOVIA:  Enterprise InNOVation Interactive Application
  • SIMULIA:  SIMULation Interactive Application
  • 3DVIA:  well… here’s where it breaks down.  I’ve heard it referred to as 3D Virtual Interactive Application.  But, I’ve heard it recently (and by 3DVIA CEO Lynne Wilson) referred to as “the way (i.e. Via) to 3D.”

SmarTeam was an acquisition where DS kept the brand recognition already built up.  But in keeping with established DS style we capitalized it to match the other brand names. But it has recently been folded into the ENOVIA brand and is now officially referred to as “ENOVIA SmarTeam.”  FYI – in V6 there is no ENOVIA SmarTeam or ENOVIA VPM or ENOVIA MatrixOne naming convention. All the collaborative functionality  is simply… ENOVIA.  Whew.

Now, does that answer your questions? While they don’t really work the best with “The Name Game” Song by Miss Shirley Ellis, you now have a few more options for children names that have strong branding possibilities.


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