I abhor oversize images of cuddly cats as much as the next person, so having them on a 155″ OLED display doesn’t do much for me. However, having the option of taking that 155″ display and turning it into a 155,000 bajillion inch OLED display of a cuddly cat is a whole different story.

Last week at CEATAC, Mitsubishi put other display manufacturers bragging about viewing size to shame with their modular OLED display system. Made up of 4″x4″ squares of visual organic beauty, the display could feasibly be made to span the most unreasonable of height and length.

Stacks and Stacks of OLED

Who cares if regular human use of OELD’s are currently limited by price and a 2.5 year lifecycle, everything covered with visually stimulating video is just stickin’ cool. If my words don’t convince, perhaps this video will.

Applications for The 3D Product Development

I know what you’re thinking, this would make a great cubicle cage to keep the cold and any natural source of light at bay. But in all actuality, have a modular system of large displays can work wonders in a shop. Imagine having the oversize eyes of engineering looking down upon you. Really though, when scale in design is a factor, these displays could come in handy. Ad the flexible component that many OLED manufacturers are also pursuing and you start getting into using OLED screen in your designs. So, in that sense, being able to build a custom size screen into a design can be an extremely cool attribute.

More about Mitsubishi OLED technology
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