When it comes to their new product releases, no Apple product would be complete without the signature voice of Apple’s Chief Design Officer, Jony Ive, validating the company’s design decisions.

Known for bridging aluminum surfaces with human emotions with words that make you feel good, Ive’s voiceovers – along with his approach to design – have also been unsurprisingly ripe for parody with everything from Twitter accounts to Tumblr blogs existing in his honor.

Now, users can bring a little bit of that iconic British voiceover magic to their own product videos.

Created by software engineers Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs, the Jony Jive Jony Ive Soundboard allows users to string together their own sentences from individual words – similar to Magnetic Poetry – and have Jony recite the resulting adverb-heavy sentences back to you.


Granted – not all of the sayings will make complete sense, but as far as Jony Ive parodies go, this certainly ranks among the most simple and contextually profound experiences that’s unapologetically human.


Try it for yourself over at Jony Jive.


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