From basketballs to doorbells, seemingly everything can be connected to smartphones these days. Now, not even the humble toolbox can escape the power of Bluetooth.

For their new Pro Series ball bearing tool storage units, Craftsman is introducing the new Bluetooth Smart Lock technology for users to secure and unlock their precious tools through their smartphone.

Before you start scoffing at the notion of an app-enabled toolbox, consider that (most) tools are expensive and losing a key is a lot more likely than losing an app. Additionally, while the expected pricing on the new Pro Series is expected to be higher than the majority of Craftsman’s other heavy duty tool storage products, it will also be lower than many existing heavy duty tool storage products that feature electronic lock systems.


Available in three sizes – 26″, 41″and 52″ – the storage units will also include a built-in power strip and USB plug-ins for charging your tools and phone within the cabinet (and naturally, a nearby electrical socket). For those who want the occasional old way of doing things, Craftsman is even throwing in a couple of keys for good measure.

The new Pro Series series is expected to launch October 2016.


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