cloth diaperI was looking into SolidWorks search trends and discovered that cloth diapers had a higher search volume than SolidWorks, so all the post from now on will be about cloth diapers and the best ways to clean cloth diapers. I kid, although I hear baking soda or oxy-clean works wonders, especially if you’re looking for a bleach-free method for the organic cotton diapers… the more I write the more I believe I’m embarrassing myself.

Besides the apparent competition SolidWorks has with Cloth Diapers for search engine ranking, there’s another one that is more relevant. AutoCAD. They do have higher search volume as well, quite a bit higher.

Cloth Diaper Search Volume
cloth diaper seo

SolidWorks Search Volume
solidworks seo

AutoCAD Search Volume
autocad seo

Why am I sharing this?
I thought it was interesting. I also think search trends in this industry have a pattern:

  • People want to know how to do something
  • People want better information than what they are provided
  • There’s a problem to be fixed
  • People want something for free
  • People want the best deal

Based on that, I’m not surprised Autocad has higher search volume. That and 50%-65% of design and documentation is still being done with 2D CAD.

So, getting back to Cloth Diapers…


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