supercar_logoHave you ever thought a car could be designed in SolidWorks? Well, it’s being done right over in Sweden by Koenigsegg. Their latest production car is the fastest street legal car on the market clocking in at over 800 HP with speeds topping at 245 mph. That’s crazy fast and they used SolidWorks to make it happen.

The CCX rolled out from R&D back in 1996. It debut 10 years later and has been getting a lot of press. Read one of the reviews here. If you were at the SolidWorks World Forum in 2005 you may remember Christian von Koenigsegg giving the keynote address.

Their website features a lot of information of their other projects and a great gallery. They also have a sections that provides a look into their design and engineering philosophies. This car makes me want to challenge the next person I see to a race. Take a look at some of the images below. Does this make you imagine what can be done with SolidWorks?

orange ccx

ccx chassis

ccx side front

ccx top



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