Taters and cream go hand in hand, right? Mmmmmm… mashed taters. It’s only fitting that Photo & Animation rendering get combined to form the sweet, creamy, buttery treat that is the new Bunkspeed PRO 2012 Suite. Let’s find out what’s cookin’.

Looks like the folks at BunkSpeed are combining their two products, Shot Pro and Move Pro, into one, integrated rendering suite to handle both your photo-rendering and animation needs. To which many would say, it’s ABOUT TIME. Or more appropriately, it was only a matter of time. Ever since they introduced Move, their animation tool, it only seemed natural that one would want to wield both their photo and animation powers and unleash visual goodness upon their clients using one tool.

“Our entire product line is now based on the same core technology, user interface, and the NVIDIA iray® engine, allowing the user to move seamlessly from Bunkspeed SHOT™, to Bunkspeed MOVE™ to the Bunkspeed PRO™ Suite as skills and requirements increase.” – Philip Lunn, Bunkspeed founder and CEO.

Here is the lowdown on some of the added things the PRO Suite brings to the table:

  • Advanced image processing and camera manipulation tools
  • Single click “render pass” output for post production
  • All new configuration and model set capability for creation of variants
  • Photometric lights including spot, point and directional
  • Bunkspeed QUEUE™ – Simple yet powerful “visual” render queue allowing the user to see jobs in process and render offline
  • Bunkspeed BOOST™ – Allows a Bunkspeed PRO™ user to connect to another Bunkspeed PRO™ users machine to boost offline render power.

Some other observations from the Comparison Chart on Bunkspeed:
  • Move no longer has Turntable animation? I’m assuming you could “manually” still create one.
  • Pro has keyframe animation of the lights as well. Super cool.
  • Pro is the only option to get displacement mapping.

Another thing I found really interesting is the asset library is now “on the cloud” reducing the download size and allowing our users to get new content as it becomes available. Price? $3495. Ouch. A little rich for my blood, considering I don’t do this full time, but definitely might make sense for those whose business focus is rendering and animation, and those companies that really want to take their projects to the next level.

YouTube video

Sources: Bunkspeed and PRWeb