In one week we’ll be smackin’ ourselves (and you) with some Autodesk University coverage. Why would we do that? Well…for good reason party people. 1) product dev tech 2) Las Vegas 3) ponies 4) they invited us. We’re probably excited. In fact, we’ll probably give some awkward high-fives to people we hardly know.

What else is in store? I have no idea actually, but based on my goal of running through crowded areas with my eyes closed and camera flashing, there’s bound to be some mildly interesting blurriness caught.

Here’s the buzz we’ll be lookin’ for and some details on the conference if you happen to be going along.

AutoDesk has… Nifty Apps

Over the last year AutoDesk has been showing off and launching some pretty nifty apps. Starting with the last AutoDesk University, they teased with an adaptive 3D sketching system. In just the past few months they’ve introduced Inventor Fusion, taken a go at 2D and 3D apps as SaaS, and launched their first iPhone app, Sketchbook Mobile.

We’ll be sure to get any further info on those and watch for any other coolness you need to know about. Wondering about something going on there, a session or event? Slam the comments with your wishes.

Oh, and if you are there, hit us up. Look for SolidSmack stickers plastered on the badge or backpack, bribe us with pancake dinners and you’ll get a sticker and a look of creepy delight.

Detail on the Conference

AU 2009 Conference Dates and Location
December 1 – 3, 2009
Mandalay Bay Resort and Convention Center
3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Stuff for the Conference
Visit the AU website
Print Maps and Conference Center Floorplan
View conference highlights
See the Event Schedule
Cut & Paste Design Slam

Online AU Resources

AU Online
Autodesk University on Twitter
Autodesk Presenters on Twitter
AU on Facebook
AU on YouTube
Between the Lines

Disclosure: Oh DANG. Autodesk has thrown in hotel stay and conference fee for SolidSmack to attend the conference. The only thing out of my pocket was a ticket to Vegas town that was way more than I thought it was going to be.


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