Autodesk has had a near endless stream of announcements for the past several weeks… and it isn’t over. Next week, they’re launching… I don’t really care what they launch. I just like this teaser graphic they put out. Reminds me of Mortal Kombat for some reason. Red and Black, Blood and Glory… or something. Maybe it’s the large stylized typeface or how they cleverly blend 8.16 into DESIGN… Clever, I tell ya. So, they’re announcing something for AutoCAD, something BIG, via a Facecast (not fascist) on the DESIGN8.16 Facebook app. Some “exciting new tools for design.”

What’s your guess? Here’s mine.

Autodesk Design

From the AutoCAD Facebook page:
The AutoCAD® team is announcing something new. Many would say it’s long-awaited. Even revolutionary. This Facecast (10 a.m. Pacific Time or 5 p.m. GMT) will be dedicated to the reveal of our BIG announcement. And the time in which your submissions to the DESIGN8.16 application on Facebook and your #design816 Tweets could be showcased. Get it on your calendars because this is a Facecast that you won’t want to miss. And in the meantime, get your submissions in! The AutoCAD team cordially invites you to join us for the launch of something big.

  • Mortal Kombat style design collaboration
  • Sketching Technology revealed in 2008
  • More Alias Design features in AutoCAD
  • The combination of Alias Design and AutoCAD
  • Collaborative Sketch/Design tools in real-time across devices

Close? Whatcha think?


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