With all the software release news as of late, your 2D CAD on a Mac dreams are either a repeating nightmare or a pleasure feast of .dmg delight. First with the announcement of ARES on the Mac then with Autodesk publicly announcing they would soon release AutoCAD on the Mac… along with it’s little brother, AutoCAD WS, on the iPhone and iPad.

You could try Graebert’s ARES, but you’ll eventually have to pay the $995. You could wait for AutoCAD and dish out $4000. Or, you could hop over to DraftSight.com and feel the unfettered freedom of FREE. Whatcha gonna do?

Obviously, this is all set-up to take a running three-jump-reverse-neck-stab at the Autodesk AutoCAD install base and Graebert couldn’t care less about losing a few seats to the DraftSight software based directly off it’s own ARES software. To my surprise, I’ve already seen instance of hardcore AutoCAD users praising DraftSight. Some saying, “The only thing it doesn’t do is [this] or [that], but besides that it does the same thing.” Is this your experience?

Here’s what DraftSight for Mac looks like. Clean and smooth just like you would expect, but as for functionality? I have no idea. I don’t have a Mac. So, if you download and use this, let us know what you think, especially if you’ve been in the AutoCAD for Mac beta. How does it compare?

Now, what this makes me wonder is if Dassault has an iPad app in the works for DraftSight and if they’re planning to extend DraftSight into the rest of the product line which continues to become assimilated by the Enovia backbone. Really, with the Spatial’s cloud-based 3D development, I’d expect these 2D shenanigans to die away and a (much more interesting) 3D Mac/mobile app initiative to be announced.


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