Cell Cycle Ring via Ponoko

With Maker Faire last week and 3D printing buzzing the skin off the ever-loving lips of everyone talking about it, there’s news galore to satiate those in dire need of a 3d print news fix. Really, what would you do if you didn’t know that researchers had found a way to print blood vessels or that a new high-quality 3D printer was on the market OR that Elvis Pompilio has a new series of designer 3D printed hats and accessories coming out? Yes, your life would be dry and empty as the dust blown off a blown off a fresh ZPrinter 650 print. Here’s what to keep an eye on in fabulous world of fab this week.

Inition has an explosive future of 3D vision. When printing out your head is simply too boring, why not add a small amount of explosives to the mix? This is a short clip put together to introduce Inition’s Future of 3D blog where they’ll keep you up to date on their 3D printing experiments and research.

3D Systems has released a 3D Printing Guide. Most guides for rapid manufacturing lack a lot of detail. While this is very basic, it does approach different design challenges from threads and hinges to tanks and ducting. It focuses mostly on tolerances and design practices. Sign-up required.

Airbus is testing printed A380 parts. Chris Turner from EADS Innovation Works in the UK is using an Arcam A2 to print small, metal aircraft components for use on an Airbus A380. The printing allows more complex parts and a bigger weights saving.

Ponoko has a new durable fine plastic material. The printing process uses two materials, a “UV curable resin that will harden into the final product and the other a gelatin support material that is removed in post-production.” This allows you to create more complicated parts with inner cavities.

Researchers are printing blood vessels. Although tissue engineering and printing is not unheard of, the ability to ‘print’ blood vessels is a new development. The BioRap project from Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology is constructing polymer veins. The tech can be seen at the Biotechnica Fair in Hannover, Germany Oct 11-13th.

Buildatron has released the Buildatron 1. This new pre-assembled printer originally based on the open source RepRap project is re-engineered to be higher quality with a new internal spooling system and a build volume of 5.5″ x 5.5″ x 4.33″. The DIY kit is $1200 and a fully assembled printer comes in at $2400.

You can buy and print AR-15 gun parts. The COLT AR-15 is the most manufactured and customized semi-automatic gun on the market. Just as people create their own parts for these weapons, people have also begun uploading and printing them. Of course the debate is on this is if it’s illegal or not. It’s not. Not unless your creating parts like a drop in auto sear or lightening link, but modeling, uploading and printing those isn’t illegal in itself. It’s if you have a unregistered automatic weapon that is illegal.

And finally… *snicker*… Elvis Pompilio has a new line of hats… HAHH!!! I can’t help this. I can’t look at that image above and not laugh to tears. Ok…. HAHAHH!!! GAAA! For real, it’s a 3D printed hat. Elvis and MGX by Materialise are collaborating to bring out a series of hats and other accessories using 3D printing.


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