Well, from last weeks poll on Zombie Co-workers it’s clear… most of you feel your jowl kickin’ skills are in fine form. Good for you, not so good for your undead coworkers.

This week, something to ravage your thought process and provoke the estranged feeling that you’ve forgotten something. We all probably have some sort of drawing check we are subjected to, but what about the 3D models you create? Do you have a check process for those or do you just let the drawing hash out the issues?

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Does 3D Require More Checks?

It would seem to me, the completeness and detail that often go along with 3D data creation, requires a little more work when it comes to checking the model for accuracy and/or errors. It’s something I don’t see talked about much, but something we spend MUCH time doing.

The future of checking

Talking about the future of tech is way more fun, but imagine what could be done to advance the future of check. It’s one aspect of coordination between manufacturing and engineering that has yet to be pursued. Imagine 3D model material and data verified in real-time against stock materials and lead-times. Not with tables of data, but with actual geometry. Cool stuff to think about.


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