We all know brushing your teeth is basic piehole cleanin’ hygiene. However, most of us forget one important part: flossing. And while rubbing a piece of string between your teeth may not hit the top of the fun charts, flossing is essential if you want your mouth to be free of the cavities, gingivitis, and those natsy bits of plaque.

Flossing is easy to skip and usually done too fast. How can floss design be improved? The folks at Instafloss took on the challenge, creating a multi-jet flosser that uses water to clean your teeth in ten seconds flat.

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Multi-Jet Water Floss Design

Located at the end of the Instafloss is a two-pronged mouthpiece that you place in between your upper and lower teeth. Turning on the flosser activates multi-water jets that clean your pearly whites, including the front, sides, and back of each tooth, opposed to string flossing that only cleans between your teeth.


The anti-bacterial silicone mouthpiece adjusts itself as you pass from one side of your mouth to the other. It may look simple, but it was designed to be be angled at a dentist-recommended 90°. On top of that, the mouthpiece works for 98% of people, including those with braces, crooked teeth, or any other tooth irregularities.

Considering the Instafloss is undoubtedly more expensive than your run-of-the-mill dental floss, they created separate mouth pieces for multiple users which swap with the main flosser. Each mouth piece comes with a color band, so you won’t have to worry about which mouth piece belongs to whom.


Apart from turning the Instafloss on and off, the only thing needed is adding tap water to the reservoir. Once topped off, you floss to your heart’s content by adjusting the water pressure valve located on the side of the reservoir.

Folks must really hate flossing the old fashioned way because the Instafloss acieved funding of over 6500 backers and $800,000 on Kickstarter (with only a $20,000 goal). Though the campaign is over , you can pre-order via Indiegogo with The Instafloss starting at $129 and a February 2021 delivery. Check out more about this water-fueled flosser on their Kickstarter page or on the Instafloss webpage.


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