Hold on people, we’re about to tear the fabric of uncool unicycle transportation into a million tiny bits. Ben Gulak has created the first production-ready, gyroscopic- powered, bi-wheeled motorcycle.

The aptly named “Uno” has two wheels right next to each other making it look like the coolest half of a crotch rocket you’ve ever seen.

When I first saw the photos, I knew some sort of CAD software was used. Sure enough…

“[Ben] didn’t know CAD software, but instead used the free Google software called Google SketchUp. Ironically, a salesman came knocking shortly after, trying to sell SolidWorks, a 3-D CAD software package. Ben explained he couldn’t afford anything like that, but he did show the salesman what he was working on. The next day a copy of SolidWorks and a SolidWorks for Dummies book arrived”

Motorcycle Mojo

That is just plain cool.

The unit is powered by gyroscopic technology that balance you as lean forward to speed up and lean back to slow down. Ya know, like that Segway thing. It weighs a mere 120 lbs and with the current motor configuration can get up to a curb-blurring 25 mph.

One thing is for sure, if you have a good idea you’ve been working on, show it to a SolidWorks VAR. You just might get a free license of SolidWorks.

More about the bike with photos at Motorcycle Mojo!


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