wall crawling robot

I’m excited. We’re so close to having a single robot that can jump, cut, fly and eat flesh… and yet so far. Fortunately there are teams dedicated to making fear happen. One such group is compressing airflow to supersonic (Mach 3) levels and creating low pressure vortexes to allow tiny robots to crawl on just about any type of surface.

…it’s all done with the geometry of the gripper itself compressing the airflow and speeding it up… This airflow creates a low pressure vortex inside the gripper which provides the actual adhesion force, and in testing on the robot, this supersonic gripper is able to support five times as much weight as a conventional Bernoulli gripper, all without using any additional air volume or pressure. – IEEE

It crawls glass, cloth, wood, brick and you just know with long hours in the lab one researcher stuck that air blowing mech on the fleshy back of another sleeping researcher. A video to show the possibilities.

YouTube video

ieee via Make


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