So, a spider was crawling across the roof of my car yesterday. Fast and very poisonous looking. Considering what you’re about to see, I’m fortunate it didn’t hop across the hood, onto my face and start drilling another face into my head bone.

This video has been around a while, but I’d never seen it, and I’ve now watched it repeatedly to my own detriment. So, I thought you would enjoy seeing the tech, hearing the high-pitch whine of the drill as this CNC spiderbot, called the Hexapod, routes a 3-dimensional face into high density foam.

Robots with Pointy Things

Have you seen that movie Runaway with Tom Selleck and Gene Simmons? In all of its 1984 glory, it revealed the fate of humanity. One particularly disturbing scene shows the robots turning on their creator; little spider robots that inject acid. So now that you have that thought in your head… the Hexapod.

a detail shot of the 3D routed face…

You can find out more on the Hexapod Robot CNC Router here. And now, then crap-alicious footage of the Gene Simmons Robot Spider attack in Runaway…

Via Ocell


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