I’m not saying that, one day, robots will eat and digest you for energy, but yeah, I am saying that. Especially given the state of the two minds that are creating carnivorous robots that run on the juices extracted from various pests and their materials.

Flesh-Eating Robots

The Flypaper robotic clock from James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau grabs flies, mice or other small creatures, scrapes them into a microbial fuel cell, aka vat of bacteria, that breaks down the biological material into pure robot-loving energy. No word on if the vat removes the fibrous material or if it’s dishwasher safe. Enjoy your dreams of being slowly digested.

They can gain energy by chomping on flies and mice…The pests are lured in and digested by an internal microbial fuel cell. – New Scientist

Although they currently rely on a main power source, is likely the could extract enough energy to be fully powered from their captured prey. Ya gotta love human ingenuity.

Via Hack a Day
Image: James Auger


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