With summer nearing its end and fall just around the corner, folks are starting to feel the changes in temperature. Whether it’s the heat or the cold, an air conditioned room is a welcome sight to escape the extremes of either.

But what about those times when you need to work, play, or adventure in the extremes? You can’t just bring an air regulator around with you… or can you?

The Gemm by Polar Seal is a wearable cooling and heating device worn around your neck. It is used when playing sports, working outdoors, during those winter sprints between your car and the house, or at meetings when a hot, heavy suit is required. Even more, the thought put into the design make it one of the more interesting wearables we’ve seen this year.

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The Gemm is small, discreet, and wearble in the office or on high adventure. The control module (the little square dangling from the necklace cord) houses a lithium-ion battery and allows you to switch between three different cooling or heating power levels.

gemm portable air conditioner

On a single charge, it operates up to seven hours with an illuminated logo to display when it’s on or off and in heating or cooling mode. Though the light may make you feel a bit like Iron Man sans suit, stealth mode allows for operation without a bright LED light glowing from under your shirt.

gemm portable air conditioner

While the control module is the first thing you’ll notice, it’s the neck module that provides the actual heating and cooling. Thermoelectric semiconductors allow you to heat it up to 108°F (42°C) or cool it down to 50°F (10°C) with an elongated dissapation plate to transfer the effect. The concept is much like putting an icepack on the back of the neck of someone who is overheated. With the back of the next one of the body’s quick-cooling points, the module cools/heats the blood flowing through the area, distributing it throughout the rest of the body.

gemm portable air conditioner

Even with its small size, the Gemm is easily disassembled into its core components for storage. When you need it, just snap the pieces back together, turn it on, and bam, instant cooling or heating.

As you might suspect, the size of the Gemm has nothing to do with its price. It starts at $199 for a personal heating and cooling device and, even then, that’s 50% off it’s expected price of $399. Depending on how often you’re out in the elements, either one of those prices may look attractive.

You can find out more about the Gemm heating and cooling necklace on the Polar Seal webpage.


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