If you use an electric shaver, you know it’s usually the bulkiest thing you pack, and that’s not including the charging base and/or cord. You may have thought it was travel-friendly but you’ll think again after you see the Evo Shaver. For those on the road, it might just be in your top five must-have things for a business trip.

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Unlike most electric shavers which could double as an appendage for Edward Scissorhands, the Evo Shaver is more like a small brush used for traditional wet shaving.

The shaver measures a mere 1.6″ (40mm) by 2.4″ (60mm) taking up very little space in a backpack or travel bag. Heck, it fits nearly undetected in a jean pocket if you have nowhere else to stash it.

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Despite its size, the Evo Shaver is designed to be a powerhouse when it comes to shaving your face or bod. The stainless steel outer mesh blade net measures .07mm stands between your rugged mug and the shaver’s inner blade, making shaves closer and more comfortable. The low clearance between the mesh blade and the inner blade actually sharpens the Evo Shaver as you use it, reducing the hassle of regular blade replacement.

To cap off the shaving specs, the 6000 RPM motor speeds up the shaving process and reduces the number of passes and increase the speed to a clean shave.

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Once finished, the Evo Shaver is easily cleaned by rinsing the blade under tap water and/or using the tiny brush included with the shaver. How does it charge?

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Instead of a unique charging cable like other electric shaver brands, the Evo Shaver matches the majority of your electronics with a Type-C USB charging port. It’s likely you have a Type-C charging cable as part of your travel gear and, if so, reduces what you need to pack by one more item.

It takes roughly 1 ½ hours to charge the Evo Shaver and is the same amount of time it runs on a full charge. If you estimate shaving time to around 1-2 minutes, you could technically use the Evo Shaver for 50 shaves before the need to recharge it.

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Considering the portable nature of the device, the creators of the Evo Shaver put in a nifty safety lock which requires you to hold the button down for three seconds to turn it on or off, saving TSA from reporting a ‘strange buzzing sound’ from your bag and you from delays.

The Evo Shaver is currently live on Indiegogo, fully funded and available at a steal for $29 USD or as a kit (with extra blade) for $37 and includes a free bag, free shipping, and not tax/VAT.

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