It’s almost as if we can hear Chef Gordon Ramsey bellowing at the participant who dared to experiment with molecular gastronomy and 3D Printing Fruits! In the name of marrying technology with necessity, we know that NASA is exploring the possibilities of food printing for their missions in space, so is it really necessity that is bringing us a 3D Fruit Printer? Let us find out.

As you saw in the video above, it looks a machine is delivering clusters of fish roe into a pond of water, but the truth is that the 3D fruit printer uses a specific technique of molecular-gastronomy called spherification to make perfectly rounded drops of gelatinous bubbles. According the manufacturers Dovetailed, the fruit pearls are basically a fruit juice and alginic acid blend that are dropped into a container of cold calcium chloride. The fruit chemicals react and create a protective skin around the bubbles, resulting in 3D printed fruit.


The UK-based company showcased the printer at the Tech Food Hack convention and Chief Inventor for Dovetailed, Dr. Gabriel Villar says that in the future they will get the printing to such a level that the taste, texture, size and shape of the fruit can be customized. What this means for you as a 3D Printing expert is that the next time you are burning the midnight oil for a project; you can sustain yourself on some ‘fruit’ that can be extruded straight into their gumholes!


The faux caviar is printed using a machine that looks more of a mixer than a printer. In fact it is more like a classic 3D printer and instead of the printing matrix, a solution is used; and the printing material is artificial fruit-flavored droplets. Founder Vaiva Kalnikaitė, is of the opinion that they have re-invented the concept of fresh fruit on demand. We think they have gone the extra mile, only to bring us raspberry shaped jelly beads!


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