My mind is spinning right now; I just saw that Lomography has managed to raise more than $500k for their Kickstarter Campaign …. But first… Let’s take a #Selfie! *snap* Ok, back on track. We are in an era where everything is digital, and analogue triggers nostalgia. Moreover, instant photography died with Polaroid, so why are people pledging their hard-earned money to a project that features a camera which is bulky and awkward to carry?


I almost answered that question… nostalgia–people hanker for the bulky camera comfort of the past. Given the perky features of the Lomo’Instant Camera, it comes as no surprise that the end results tickles the right retro-freak brainspots. For example, the ability to take multiple shots on one frame takes me back to when I ruined the perfect shot of a Kenyan Lion because I forgot to advance to the next frame. The ghostly lions in mishaps of cameras-past is now being repackaged as a prime feature. But there’s much more to this camera.


Let’s look at the retro design of the Lomo’Instant. The have the design squared away. Funding is for production. With some interesting component shots in the video, you get a sense of how it works. It packs in three shooting modes, multiple lenses, multiple and long exposures, plus it uses readily available Fujifilm Instax mini film. All the mode slots, shutter release and switches are adjusted manually on the camera. With all that’s on board this baby, the size isn’t surprising. It’s a great mash-up of form, function and chunky plastic.


With that, forgive me if I don’t agree with all and find the body of the camera is just too bulky in context of today’s lifestyle. How many men will be willing to slide this camera in their back pocket? Or, my fellow ladies, are you stuffing this in your always fashionable Louis Vuitton bag? Filters and apps on any Smartphone provide similar effects, plus it won’t look like a retro-assgrowth when you stash it in your butt pocket. Upload. Print. Instant photo, dude!


If you don’t agree and hanker for an instant camera of your own, you can back the project with a mere US $79 for a November 2014 delivery. You can see more image possibilities on the Lomo’Instant mini site as well.