When it comes to computer peripherals, today’s digital designers have never had it so good. From wireless pen tablets to 3D mice, we’ve come a long way since the days of a simple wired keyboard and one-button mouse.

The recently unveiled Craft keyboard from Logitech adds just one more option to that growing pile.

The wireless keyboard, which pairs nicely with the company’s MX Master mouse, includes an ingenious touch-sensitive “creative input dial” located on the top left corner. When used in tandem with various design programs including the Adobe suite, users can use the knob for a number of functions ranging from brush size to zoom. Better yet, users can create their own functions to use with the device for whichever program they choose—Windows or Mac:

YouTube video

Aside from the dial, the design of the keyboard itself is worth noting. From the motion-sensitive backlight to an optimized key stability design, typing emails or swapping between hot keys has been made that much more smooth.

Keep an eye out for the release in October. Find out more here.


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