So, we haven’t even seen tech from Iron Man 1 developed yet, but who cares! We’ll take any blind stab at future tech Hollywood throws at us and say… HECK YEAH.

Iron Man 2 starts today and it’s gotta have gadget galore at least as cool as the first one and UI’s way better than the rinky-dink multi-touch phones we use now. As you’ll see in the following videos, the future is filled with transparent displays, table-top interaction, digital feedback and dressing in front of windows. It certainly makes one think about how the ideas could manifest themselves in the not-so-movie-like work life.

In the second video, you see an idea about the assembly of… something, pulled out of their ‘shells’ and combined together to be put into another ‘shell’. That’s interesting to me. The idea about conceptualizing, so to speak, with existing parts and adding them together to create something new. Ooo, mind-numbingly inventive huh. Even more, it’s the environment it’s in and how the whole interaction is taking place.

You have design happening, or rather, commands initiating even though Mr. Starck isn’t telling the computer to do something. He is at times providing feedback with his voice and hands, but there are also lights blinking and noises whirring based on what he’s preparing to do with his hands.

What do you think? Always interesting to see, isn’t it? Hopefully this isn’t all the tech footage there will be, because as you saw above, there’s a lot more consuming of data, than creating of data. To me, wrapped deep inside the blatant geek-tech and super-hero narcissism, this kind of movie is all about creating, whether it’s the behind-the-scenes ‘CG or a thin plot line about one guy’s struggle with being cool. Who knows, you could be standing behind a transparent display, adjusting your tie and modeling a spoon, very soon.

You can view the trailers and more at the Iron Man 2 website.

Via Engadget


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