A blanket made of moles for pete’s sake! There’s just no need, it’s uncomfortable and the moles aren’t even alive… oh wait, that one is… that one might be… wait! They are! They are alive and they’re eating these links!!

MegaMunden – Mega!!! Mega what? Mega cool tattoo illustration, rockin’ skullage and a mix of murals. Ollie rocks it all just a little, tiny bit.
Ultimate collection of Photoshop Gradients – Ya gotta have gradients, otherwise it’s just a boring block of color bound to get you into monochromatic trouble.
City of Staples – What started as a way to recycle staples, turned into an obsession of buying every box of staples available. This is the result.
Star Wars. In LEGOS. IN 2 minutes – If everything was remade as a 2-minute LEGO trailer, well, life would be boring, but this, this is Star Wars.
Damien Walters – Damien Walters is the other name I go by, but when I try this stuff, I look like a wingless duck falling of a cliff.
Sketch-a-day – If you haven’t checked it out, check it out. Then, buy a book and start sketching yourself one a day, or as much as humanly possible.
Seed Pavilion – Architecture? definitely. foundational and amazing. The UK World Expo Pavilion. You can see more here.


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