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animal-fur.jpgIt’s amazing how simple this is. You can actually do this in less time than it takes you to learn how to trap small animals and sell them outside Wal-mart.

Draw a cube
This is like the multi-tool of CAD. If you don’t know where to start, draw a cube.

Use the annotation tool
This is the tool that pretty much knocks out all that unnecessary detail. Overuse it because it’s easier to change text than it is to change a parametroid shape thing.
There you have it. No surfaces. No lofts. Just some good ol’ primitives junk.

Note: I realize this is completely useless and while it’s fun to draw cubes and 3D stuff, there’s a real problem with the amount of time people spend trying to sell animals outside of businesses and on the side of the road. I can understand selling watermelons or turnips, but leave the cats to coating every living thing with a fine layer of fur. Please, that’s all I’m asking.


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